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Jungle Patrol

Animal Buddy

Our Mascot- Kaadoo Paapa

Kaadoo Paapa originated from the Kannada word for “Slender Loris – a small, secretive primate”

Different species of Loris’ are found around the world. Kaadoo Paapa lives amongst us in the regions of the Nilgiri Biosphere, hence the first edtion originated from here.

The Loris’ unique big eyes are sensitive to even small amounts of light and acts as its night vision goggles.

Over the generations, Lorises have evolved to becoming slow-moving but effective hunters.

Kaadoo Story

Kaadoo is a brand owned by KRAB MEDIA AND MARKETING PVT. LTD.,Bangalore. Incorporated in 2011, the company is engaged mainly in publishing uniquely wildlife-themed games. Krab Media is a bootstrapped venture. The founders have several years of professional and business experience, with a life-long passion for nature and wildlife.

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