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Most of us have heard the phrase ‘Play is your Brain’s favourite way of Learning’. Now let’s equate this with the world of board games – that sounds fun right? Today, playing board games doesn’t necessarily mean only fun, it could also mean learning values and principles; gaining knowledge, developing empathy, encouraging critical thinking and so many more things…

For parents worrying about possible unpleasant repercussions on your kiddos, just for a moment think on these lines – a good game player, in all probability, would know how to control impulses, follow rules, be deliberate and focused in his actions and understand the consequences of his decision. It is reasonable to assume that the gaming experience would stand him/ her in good stead for his academics, profession and generally in the conduct of his day to day life. Now, you are thinking!

Well, let us give you 6 good reasons to open up that game board and have some fun family time:

Brew their Analytical Thinking & Societal Values

Games are designed to help kids improve in specific subject areas, like number sense foster transferable skills. Seldom do kids realize that practice is the key to perfection and lose hope quickly. When people think of problem-solving ability as a “talent” or a “gift”, they take fewer chances and don’t take the effort to learn from their own mistakes. Board games are an awesome, un-intrusive way to nurture self-analytical skill among kids. It allows one to look at the problem from a different angle thereby increasing the chances of solving it- a learning for real life too.

Learn Metacognition

It is important that kids learn to become conscious of their own tactics and measure them. Brain board games allow players to make these breakthroughs on their own. Kids can harvest the cognitive benefits when board games are made a part of the kids general learning program for math, logic and critical thinking skills.

Becoming a team player

Cooperative games are on the rise, which is all about working together towards a common objective. Knowing how to make the most of everyone’s strengths is as important in the real world as it is in cooperative/ team games. Playing competitive games with your kids lets you model how to be gracious, win or lose. Develop self confidence

Board games are ideal for ice breaking. They help innately shy children to start feeling comfortable in an otherwise “boisterous” group. Focusing on playing the game helps introverted children to become part of larger groups and chips away at their hesitation and develops their self confidence.

Learn to handle “failure”

Board games are a good way to help young minds understand and depict a great opportunity to accept that it is perfectly normal to not win all the time, a lesson that will stay with them forever. Instead, they can be guided to analyse their actions and decisions, learn from mistakes and take away good points from the opponents’ tactics. These games will teach kids to lose with grace and learn from these failures.

Learn to Follow Rules

One of the most important lessons that kids learn from board games is to follow the rules. They get to understand that every game has a different set of rules which everyone needs to follow. Rules beget discipline and orderliness in kids, and they can employ them in their studies and other life activities besides imbibing it in their overall personality development.

Having listed the benefits, we must understand that we would be able to harness it only when we choose proper board games. Pick up sets that keep your kids away from those electronic gadgets and compel them to put on their thinking caps!

Here is an interesting video by Dr. Sulatha Shenoy – Psychologist & Director, Turning point, who talks about the importance and benefits of Board games.