KAADOO YIPPY - Suspense-filled Animal Card Game for Kids 7+ & Adults - Proudly Made in India (2-6 players)


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Description of product

Are you bored of playing with just four-colored cards? Here is a new animal-themed card game that will beat all others hollow.  Upskill your ability to recognize animal coat patterns as you gain advantage over your opponents.  Be quick and smart as you begin to discard your cards and give a loud shout-out, YIPPY as soon as you are left with only one card.  Become the Numero Uno as you discard that as well to win first.

 A game for 2-6 players, and easily played by anyone 7yr and above, it hardly takes 20 minutes to complete. Pack contains 110 beautifully illustrated animal game cards, including 20 special cards and super cards.

 Very simple, yet engaging game play keeps the excitement alive, until only the loser is left behind. Feel free to make your own game rules to liven up a party!

Age group: 7+

Number of players: 2-6


  1. Fun to play, lots to learn, animal-themed card game
  2. Children friendly card game for the entire family
  3. Helps in pattern recognition & memory building skills
  4. Easy to understand, finishes quickly
  5. Beat the boredom with carry-it-anywhere packaging

Packaging: Cute and handy paper package 13x10.5x2 cm

Weight: 190 gm


  1. 110 game cards, including 20 super cards/special cards
  2. Illustrated play guide

User reviews


2 Reviews

Nice game.. Worth buying
Oct 9, 2020 2:09:04 PM
My son loved the game.. Overall a great concept for teaching kids concept of prey and predator.. Card quality s also good
Oct 9, 2020 2:07:51 PM