KAADOO Pixoo-KKR-Cricket Heroes Logic Puzzle Game for 6+ Year Olds - Proudly Made in India (2-4players)


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Description of product

Wanna  stay fully connected with your fav players from Team KKR?  Pixoo - an enjoyable picture puzzle game for avid Team KKR fans.

 Put the 6-sided game tiles together and bring top three players from Team KKR to life. Make as many complete pictures of them as you can, claim them with your Pixoo coins to score runs and win. The greater the player is, the more runs you score!  But, beware, it is not as simple as completing a jigsaw puzzle!

If you are a fan of Team KKR, this is a must-have. You would love it

Age: 6+

No. of players: 1-4 


  1. A unique game featuring lead players from Team KKR, now in an exciting Domizzle - a cross between a domino game and a puzzle !
  2. Builds attention span, concentration and goal orientation in children: vital skills for anyone
  3. Occasional challenge situations built into the game that make players think and plan their moves. Helps develop IQ !
  4. Great for developing  a child’s lateral thinking
  5. Great for team-building and encouraging collaboration in professional work settings
  6. Original player images,used under license from Team KKR
  7. Complete a player image by placing those 6-sided game tiles and claim it with a token. Put together max images and win!
  8. Safe colors, high quality production
  9. Attractive tin box packaging. Great as a birthday gift or ‘return gift’. Want to celebrate your birthday with a cricket theme? Think Pixoo !

Packaging: Stunningly illustrated tin box  15.2x15.2x4 cm


  1. 60  6-sided game tiles 
  2. 60 round marker tokens 
  3. Highly visual play guide

Box weight: 395 gms

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