KAADOO KOOGU - Innovative Learning Card Game filled with Beautiful Photographs of Wild Animal for Kids 6+ & Adults - Double Card Pack - Proudly Made in India (2-6 players)


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Description of product

The jungle is filled with exciting animals. All these animals depend on each other for food to maintain an ecological balance. KOOGU is a card game built around an Indian jungle and its inhabitants, that can be played anytime by anyone.

Every card has beautiful photographs of wild animals residing in their natural habitat. Be the first player to make a set of animal cards that completes a food chain (1 predator, 3 prey species,1 scavenger), together with a KAADOO (jungle) card and one other big animal card - seven cards in total. Shout out KAADOO even as you complete your set. Enjoy this simple game that teaches a lot while you have fun.

Age group: 7+

Number of players: 2-4


  • Simple game concept. Build your winning hand by making the jungle filled with exciting wild animals
  • Excellent team game and leisure activity for the entire family
  • Gentle initiation into animal behavior; high on educational value
  • Helps children understand the very important concept of jungle food chain
  • Develops competitiveness and builds winning traits in children

Packaging: Cute and handy paper package 13x10.5x2 cm

Weight: 190 gm


  1. 110 game cards
  2. Illustrated play guide

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Its good!
Jun 22, 2020 3:41:16 PM