Kaadoo Jodo - Tiger (64) + Sloth Bear (16) 2-in-1 puzzle


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Description of product

Save a tiger and help unite a bear cub with its mama!

Hidden behind you in 64 jumbled up pieces is a majestic tiger. Go, bring him back to life ! And then, the bear cub got separated from her Mama; help her find Mama.

Addictive picture puzzles designed for young ones like you. Play with just anyone

Kiran did the tiger in 128 seconds flat. Wanna beat her time?

Tip: Finish the borders of the puzzle first, and see how quickly you can complete the rest of it!

Age group: 4+


  1. Fine-cut puzzle pieces that fit well
  2. No sharp edges, no cuts!
  3. World-class child-safe color printing
  4. Rare pictures of The Royal Bengal Tiger and Sloth Bear
  5. Compact, illustrated box package
  6. The colors will harm neither you, the tiger, nor the bear!

Packaging: Paper box 21.2x10.2x4.8 cm  

Contents: Jigsaw puzzle pieces - 2 sets

Box Weight: 270 gm

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