Kaadoo Jodo- Tiger (64) + Rhino (16) 2-in-1 puzzle


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Description of product

Help the Tiger stand up and the Rhino,  escape to safety!

The tiger was taking a stroll,  when he tripped over and collapsed. He hasn’t had a meal for days and must hunt a deer fast. Only you can help him!

This Rhino is scared by gunshots inside  the forest and wants to run for cover. Save him from sure danger!

Tip: you only need to get the tiger’s stripes right and he will be back on his feet

Age group: 4+


  1. Fine-cut puzzle pieces that fit well
  2. No sharp edges, no cuts !
  3. World-class color printing
  4. Rare pictures of The Royal Bengal Tiger and Asian one-horned Rhino
  5. Compact, illustrated  box package 
  6. The colors will harm neither  you, the tiger, nor the rhino!

Packaging: Paper box 21.2x10.2x4.8 cm  

Contents: jigsaw puzzle pieces - 2 sets

Box Weight: 270 gm

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