Kaadoo Jodo - Lion (64) + Leopard (16) 2-in-1 puzzle


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Description of product

Help the leopard find its spots. And this lion is all ears for you!

The cute and cuddly leopard - perched atop a tree - has no idea where her spots are. She will be in trouble if you don’t help!

The lion is about to start his day and has taken aim at something, but found himself broken up into bits. Help him pull himself up together and go after that prey!

Age group: 4+


  1. Fine-cut puzzle pieces that fit well
  2. No sharp edges, no cuts!
  3. World-class child-safe color printing
  4. Rare pictures of the Asiatic Lion and the Leopard
  5. Compact, illustrated box package
  6. The colors will neither harm you, the lion, or the leopard!

Packaging: Paper box 21.2x10.2x4.8 cm  

Contents: Jigsaw puzzle pieces - 2 sets

Box Weight: 270 gm

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