Kaadoo Jodo - Elephant (64) + Rhino (16) 2-in-1 puzzle


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Description of product

This puzzle box would weigh almost 7 tonnes. Well, had we put the real animals inside!

Bring the mama jumbo to life and her calf and you would really be proud of what you have done. And put together the stunning Rhino and he will be almost ready to charge. RUN!

Addictive picture puzzles designed for young ones like you. Play with just anyone!

Tip: Place the pieces differently, every time and have fun! Start with the Rhino’s head, the rear, and then the legs to complete in record time. You will be surprised with your own ingenuity. 

Age group: 4+


  1. Fine-cut puzzle pieces that fit well
  2. No sharp edges, no cuts!
  3. World-class child-safe color printing
  4. Rare pictures of The Asian Elephant and Asian One-horned Rhinoceros
  5. Compact, illustrated box package
  6. The colors will neither harm you, nor the elephant, or the rhino!

Packaging: Paper box 21.2x10.2x4.8 cm  

Contents: Jigsaw puzzle pieces - 2 sets

Box Weight: 270 gm

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