Kaadoo Jodo - Elephant (64) + Leopard (16) 2-in-1 puzzle


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Description of product

Mama Jumbo doesn’t want her kid to miss school; and the Leopard can’t climb up the tree.... If only you could help !

Mama elephant is taking her mischievous calf to school, when it  hid behind a rock. Bring it back to mama and let mama drop her off at school on time!

The leopard has spotted a nice tree branch to perch on, but can neither find the tree nor his own feet!. He is hoping that you will help him be there and enjoy the breeze.

Tip: Bring back Mama elephant first and she will join you in the search!

Age group: 4+


  1. Fine-cut puzzle pieces that fit well
  2. No sharp edges, no cuts !
  3. World-class color printing
  4. Rare pictures of The Asian  Elephant and the Leopard
  5. Compact, illustrated  box package 
  6. The colors will harm neither  you,the elephant, nor the leopard!

Packaging: Paper box 21.2x10.2x4.8 cm  

Contents: jigsaw puzzle pieces - 2 sets

Box Weight: 270 gm

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