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KAADOO Disney Mowgli’s Run-Escape from Shere Khan-Board Game for 6+ Year Olds - Proudly Made in India (2 players)


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Description of product

Feel like doing a Mowgli and get the better of the wily Shere Khan the Tiger?The essence of  The Jungle Book - the movie, now in a captivating board game!

Mowgli-the man-cub knows his jungle like the back of his palm. So does Shere Khan, who has made up his mind to chase Mowgli out of it and feel fully safe. Live this captivating fight for survival in the treacherous patches of the jungle. While the slimy and smooth-talking Kaa- the python may try to choke Mowgli any time  in her tight curl, a friendly elephant herd can stop Shere Khan in his steps too and help Mowgli to safety. Then, there could be those deadly forest fires to watch out for ! Feel how Baloo-the bear and Bagheera-the panther show their love for Mowgli and are always around to protect him. 

Experience the good and the not-so-good of the wilds! Feel like getting under the skin of Shere Khan? Go ahead and do it!

Age: 6+

No. of Players: 2


  1. A game played with a beautiful, colorful board and a deck of cards
  2. Game features Mowgli, Shere Khan, Kaa, Baalu and Bagheera
  3. Non-stop thrills right from the first roll of the dice, with Mowgli facing good and bad times
  4. Easy to understand game rules
  5. Control the course of the game with special cards
  6. Feel the highs of coming out unhurt from dangerous situations
  7. Age-proof game play
  8. Help your child to be competitive, develop concentration, self-confidence  and attention span, be a team player

Packaging: Stunningly illustrated paper box 29.5x21.9x2.5 cm


  1. Glossy foldable game board of 42x31.2 cm,  in the lively shades of forest green
  2. Mowgli and Shere Khan pawns with a round base
  3. 34 illustrated game cards of 8.9x5.7 cm with player moves

Box Weight: 360 gms 

Legal Disclaimer

  1. The character  names, Images and logos  are under license from Walt Disney Inc., USA. 
  2. The Jungle Book  is their registered trademark
  3. The text style and font used for ‘Mowgli’s Run’ are copyright of Walt Disney Inc.
  4. For sale only in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Nepal (SAARC countries).

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