KAADOO Disney Lion King-Steps to Pride Rock-Tabletop Game for 4+ Year Olds - Proudly Made in India (2 players)


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Scar took over Pride Rock, following Muffasa’s death. The young Simba, who was driven out of Pride Lands - his father’s kingdom - is an adult now. He is back with his friends Nala, Pumba, Timon and Zazu, to reclaim it from Scar. Will Scar give it up easily? One cannot be sure. Can Simba prove that he is his brave father’s son? 

Relive the movie 'The Lion King'; let the excitement stay with you even after you have left the theatre. It is going to be Simba’s day every day and Scar better finds a safer place for himself. 

Like all battles, this is a fight between the  good and the evil. Both players are Simba in this game. Move up the hill and unseat Scar from Pride Rock, before the other does. Celebrate your victory! 

Play over and over again!

Age group: 4+

Number of players: 2


  1. Simba fights Scar to reclaim Pride Lands: the essence of the new Lion King live-action remake, in a short, gripping boardgame for 2 players
  2. Build the split-level game board yourself, with the Pride Rock at the top where the epic fight between Simba and Scar takes place
  3. Active, easy to grasp game play involving finger-counting, for 4+ year olds
  4. High quality graphics, with original movie character images, used under license from Disney
  5. Develops winning traits in children and helps them stay focused
  6. Board can be taken apart easily, folded back and put inside the box. Take Pride Rock with you wherever you go!
  7. Excellent production quality. Affordable

Packaging: Large [37.5 x 27.5 x 4.5 cm], eye-catching paper box, with Simba cub on the front. 

Weight:   670 gm

Price: Rs.599 [incl. GST]


  1. Do-it-yourself split-level game board, made of paper
  2. 2 Simba cub figurine pawns 
  3. 1 adult Simba figurine pawn
  4. 1 scar figurine pawn
  5. 4 Simba friend coins and 3 enemy coins
  6. RIchly illustrated play guide

Legal Disclaimer

  1. The character  names, Images and logos  are under license from Walt Disney Inc., USA. 
  2. Zootopia  is their registered trademark
  3. For sale only in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Nepal (SAARC countries)

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