KAADOO Darto - Magnetic Dart Board Game - Proudly Made in India


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Playing DARTS is a favourite pastime of many. Do you know that there is even a Darts World Cup competition!
So, here is a game you can pick up to hone your aiming skills.  Filled with excitement at every throw, DARTO is a simple game of darts, made with safe and highly efficient magnetic darts, that stick to the board in a jiffy.  Designed in-house at KAADOO, produced & manufactured Proudly in India, DARTO will make you play repeatedly for hours on end. Gather your friends around for a multi-player game of DARTO; or just play by yourself or with a partner - DARTO's flexible game play does not limit to how many of you are around to begin a game. 3 game play ideas going from EASY to MODERATE to INTENSE gives you an opportunity to up your skills and easily beat your friends & family. Also, one of the game play rules replicates that of a cricket match. So, even where there is no cricket to watch on the television, you can start off a game of DARTO with cricket rules.
Built for multiple age groups, a game of DARTO definitely helps improve your concentration levels, aim & accuracy, hand-eye coordination and above all, kills boredom - lockdown or otherwise. 
Rules are simple, so is the ability to set it up. Just a couple of steps of instructions, and you are on your way to playing an exciting game of DARTO. 6 magnetic darts along with 6 magnetic coins for strategic placement on the board comes to you inside an eco-friendly & indigenously produced packaging, thereby reducing wastage.

Age: 6+

No. of players: 1-2


  1. Product Details: Exciting & unique magnetic DART Game, Proudly Made in India, for the World! Efficient & indigenous package-design, Cracker of a Dart Game, Child Safe, Adult Friendly, Easy & Engaging.
  2. Includes: Magnetic Darts Board, 6 Magnetic Darts and 6 Magnetic coins (new feature) propel the level of excitement to a higher platform
  3. Fun for All: Can be played by one person or by multiple players, perfect for adults, teens, and older kids of all skill levels, action-packed party fun game.
  4. Highlights: Multiple Games - 3 Ways to Play - Aim & Score – Easy, Achieve Target Score – Moderate, Play as Cricket Game - Intense
  5. Takeaway: Improves - Concentration levels, Aim & accuracy, Hand and eye coordination, Kills boredom

Packaging: The board folds up into a rectangular box,with two end-caps


  1. Compact, visually delightful dart board, with high-quality rich color printing that folds into a box. End caps provided
  2. 6 Magnetic coins
  3. 6 Colorful, ultra-fast magnetic darts
  4. Highly visual play guide

Box weight: 750 gms


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