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KAADOO Darto-KKR-Magnetic Dartboard Cricket Game & My Player-KKR-Cricket Heroes Logic Puzzle Game and Collectible Card Game - 2 in 1 Combo - Proudly Made in India.


Sold By: kaadoo

Description of product

Product 01: 

Move over, Bull’s Eye dartboards, you are so boring. For,  it’s time now for you to scream Korbo, Lorbo, Jeetbo Re, and cheer Team KKR. 

A unique magnetic dartboard cricket game that can be played by 2,4 or even full 11s if you wish. Game conceived by avid cricketing buffs and brings you similar degree of thrill as playing the real game on field. It’s YOU against the super-charged Team  KKR, in their magnificent purple-n-gold team colors! Are you up to the challenge?

Mark scoring zones on the oval for yourself and Team KKR, with power coins and give the game a twist in every match. You decide how many overs to be bowled, plan a drinks break, let one of your buddies keep scores and hey, its match time! Toss the coin and bowl the first over.

Play as a one-dayer, 20-20 or even as a local tournament! Great for boosting team-building and collaboration in professional work settings too.

Richly illustrated play guide available with the game. But, feel free to make your own game format !

Product 02:

Here’s a simple card game, strictly for die-hard KKR fans only! A game featuring six star players from the team, kitted out and ready for the action.Now, #EveryoneCanCricketWithKKR !

Make their mini-posters with the cards from the deck and win. Best played with KKR fans, for that feeling of bonding and cheering for the team together!


Product 01:

  1. Cricket played on a high quality, eye-catching, colorful dart board, with magnetic darts
  2. Play against top players from Team KKR
  3. Delightful magnetic darts that are easy to grip, fly fast and cling on well to the board
  4. Set the scoring constraints for every game and challenge the opponent
  5. Builds focus and attention span in children
  6. Great for team-building and encouraging collaboration in professional work settings
  7. Safe colors, high quality production

Product 02:

  1. Complete the picture of any player from four cards and win!
  2. High-quality poker-size paper cards, smooth and easy to shuffle
  3. Rich graphics, with images of star players under license from team KKR
  4. Learn to guess other’s hands and play to win!
  5. Safe colours, high-quality production

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