KAADOO Classic Snakes & Ladders+Ludo with Wild Animals Twist 2-in-1 combo Board Game for Kids 4+ - Proudly Made in India (2-4 players)


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The jungle is only about survival, whether you are the hunter or the prey!

Two enjoyable wildlife-themed games designed around popular snakes-and-ladders and ludo concepts


Isn’t it tons more of fun when you throw the dice and climb up the board on the neck of a GIRAFFE, instead of the plain old ladder? Isn’t it scary even to think that a wrong throw and you could find yourself between the sharp-toothed jaws of a crocodile?

Kaadoo Crocs & Giraffes, an absorbing game for you to play with your brothers, sisters, parents and friends. Careful, the Nile Crocodile - the largest among them, is hungry and lurking in the bushes! A thoroughly enjoyable game for four.


  1. Four  different kinds of graceful, gentle giraffe who would help you go up the board!
  2. Seven different kinds of scary-looking crocodile who will grab you by your foot and send you tumbling down the board
  3. No points system - keep playing, just for fun!


In the jungle, only the fittest survive.If you were the tiger, lion, leopard or cheetah in this forest, would you? Go on  THE HUNT with the others and find out for yourselves! You decide which animal you want to be from these four. If all the four from your pack catch a prey, your pack survives - and WINS ! .  But, careful, the others will not let you off easily. They can harm you when you are outside your own territory in the forest and send you back to your den!

Age group: 4+


  1. Hunters on the loose and their prey deep inside the forest, clueless about what is in store for them! 
  2. Visual guides to make the hunt even more exciting 
  3. Think and play or else get hunted yourself 
  4. No points system - keep playing, just for fun!

Packaging: Paper box 31.6x20x3.4 cm

Contents: 2-in-1 Game board, pawns, dice, play guide.

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