KAADOO ANIMAL BUDDY - Dinosaur Exploration Game - Play & Learn Kids Board Game -Fantastic Introduction for 6+ year olds- Fully Made in India (2 players)


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You have probably heard about T.Rex. Over 40 feet long and up to 14 tonnes heavy, or even heavier! But, how easy will it be for you to even call out other dinos, like Dsungaripterus …..or Campylognathoides? Scary people, scary names! Get into the world of  of the dinosaurs and catch a glimpse of them all, one by one. 

An eye-popping collection of Dinosaurs that lived several million years ago, from our hugely popular Animal Buddy - Play & Learn series. A game like no other. 

Play a little, learn a lot! 

They are all over the board and you are never going to miss them. Can you go past these giant animals and be the first to come out of their land in once piece? Well, then you WIN ! Play with your brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents....

You will find the Dino Kingdom game hard to resist. And be warned, the dinos may as well visit you in your dreams , with their heavy footsteps and crushing everything under their feet! 

This is time-travel to those distant days back in time - rock your leisure time with the scary, loveable,powerful creatures from the past !!

Age group: 4+


  1. Designed for small children
  2. Points-based game; collect points and win ! 
  3. For two players only
  4. Giant dinosaurs roaming around, but will make friends for sure!
  5. No dice to roll, just pick cards and keep playing
  6. Every game session ends differently: no boredom!
  7. Learn more about the dinos from books, wikipedia and other sources on the web. 

Packaging: Stunningly illustrated paper box 29.5x21.9x2.5 cm


  1. An eye-catching, colourful game board for the tiny ones, designed for small spaces
  2. Get your own safari pawn in bright yellow or  blue
  3. 47 dino cards, 2 supporting cards  and 5 cards with game instructions

Youtube: https://youtu.be/odnba0KI6QQ

Box weight: 350 gms

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