KAADOO ANIMAL BUDDY Arctic World Discovery Game - Play & Learn Kids Board Game-Fantastic Introduction for 6+ year olds- Fully Made in India (2 players)

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  • +For 2 players, 6+ years, 20 minutes' game play
  • +Gameplay in brief: pick the card, know the animal, read the instructions and move your pawn to make most Buddies.
  • + A simple Arctic wildlife exploration game for small children
  • +Designed to familiarise children with wildlife
  • +Points-based game; collect points and win !
  • +Game cards show the next move. No difficult game rules!
  • +No dice to roll, just pick up the cards and keep playing
  • +The player to leave the forest first is the winner
  • +Every game session ends differently: no boredom!
  • +Develops curiosity in children to learn more about the animals from books, wikipedia and other sources on the web.

Description of product

The world of wild animals fascinates every child. For most of those from the tropics, the snow-covered Arctic Circle is only in the realm of imagination or what they see in movies and videos. Presenting Animal Buddy Arctic World board game that lets children explore this unique habitat in all its greatness! What better way to learn than through games?

A simple game for the parent-at-home and the young one. A perfect way for siblings or friends to get together. Set out on a fun trek in your safari jeep through the snow-clad Arctic Circle. On the way, you meet all sorts of animals in their heavy fur coats. They would tell you where to go next: they want you to meet their friends and also let you reach home safe. Splash fresh snow on any animal and it becomes your buddy on you jungle trail ! Make friends with more animals as you explore the Arctic. Want more fun? Just scan the card using Google Lens app on your phone and explore tons of stuff online!

In every round, you find new buddies - and in turn, they find you too! In the end, if you have made friends with more buddies than mom, you WIN ! Tell your friends who you met on your trek.

Age group: 6+

Number of players: 2

Duration: 20 mins

Key takeaways: 

  • Introduction to arctic wild animals
  • Helps develop color matching skills
  • Encourages reading
  • Reinforces result-orientation

Packaging: Stunningly illustrated paper box 37.5x24.5x4.5 cm


  1. An eye-catching, colourful game board,  as big as your open long notebook.
  2. 2 safari pawns in two different colors
  3. 55 game cards, including  50 wild animals waiting to be your buddies and 5 cards with game instructions

Weight:  590 gms

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