KAADOO 6-KKR-Cricket Match Board Game & My Player-KKR-Cricket Heroes Logic Puzzle Game and Collectible Card Game - 2 in 1 Combo - Proudly Made in India.

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Description of product

Product 01: 

A brand new tabletop cricket game for 2 to 6 players. Put the powers of  top batsmen from team KKR to use and win by scoring the highest among the players. 

A flexi-game board - your own cricket ground - that can be played by teams of 3, 5 or a maximum of 6. You even put the board together yourself, for added fun! Start scoring with the game tiles, but beware of the ‘Out’ zones. Then, there are Power Play tiles that let you score twice the normal! And, there are the usual ‘No balls’ too.

Think hard before playing every over, if you want to collect the maximum runs for the over or, deny that opportunity to your fellow-player

Doesn’t that sound lots of fun, action and time together with your friends? Come, let the match begin !

Product 02:

Here’s a simple card game, strictly for die-hard KKR fans only! A game featuring six star players from the team, kitted out and ready for the action.Now, #EveryoneCanCricketWithKKR !

Make their mini-posters with the cards from the deck and win. Best played with KKR fans, for that feeling of bonding and cheering for the team together!


Product 01:

  1. Great-looking  form and design, do-it-yourself cricket game board in Team KKR colors
  2. Score runs with 6-sided paper tiles of KKR's star batsmen, instead of bat and ball 
  3. Innovative concept and game play
  4. Easy to follow game rules
  5. Encourages strategic thinking in children, as several outcomes are available for every over played
  6. Experience the highs and lows, just as in a real cricket match
  7. Can be enjoyed even by people who have never played cricket!
  8. Great for team-building and encouraging collaboration in professional work settings

Product 02:

  1. Complete the picture of any player from four cards and win!
  2. High-quality poker-size paper cards, smooth and easy to shuffle
  3. Rich graphics, with images of star players under license from team KKR
  4. Learn to guess other’s hands and play to win!
  5. Safe colours, high-quality production

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