KAADOO 6-CSK-Cricket Match Board Game & Howzzat!-CSK Cricket Team Card Game - 2 in 1 Combo - Proudly Made in India.

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Description of product

Product 01: 

A cricket themed game fun, educational game that helps improve mathematical and problem solving skills!
Ever wondered how Dhoni thinks during match situations!! Play this fun game and get an idea!! Objective of the game is to maximise your runs scored. Use the hexagonal pieces and place them appropriately to either score the maximum number of runs (by batting well) or deny your opponent’s opportunities to maximise their runs (bowling smartly)!! Keep track of Power Play tiles (accumulate) and Out zones on the board (avoid).

Product 02:

A simple, exciting way to enjoy the IPL 2020 season. Ideal card game for kids between the 4-8 years. Especially if they are a Dhoni or Team CSK fan!! Keeps kids occupied for extended periods of time. High repeat value. Made using original actions pics under license from CSK. Makes for an ideal gift as CSK goodies. A completely made in India product at a very affordable price


Product 01:
1.  Great-looking form and design, do-it-yourself cricket game board in Team CSK colours
2. Score runs with 6-sided paper tiles of CSK’s star batsmen, instead of bat and ball 
3. Encourages strategic thinking in children, as several outcomes are available for every over played
4. Experience the highs and lows, just as in a real cricket match
5. Great for team-building and encouraging collaboration in professional work settings

Product 02:
1. A stimulating, leisurely card game for up to 4 players
2. Get a chance to re-look at the strengths of various players from Team CSK and know them better
3. Build a new Team CSK in every round of play!
4. Excellent mood-maker for get-togethers and parties
5. Original player images, used under license from Team CSK

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