About us

Kaadoo means ‘jungle’ or ‘forest’ with a twang! We create fun, educational games that get people curious and excited about nature. Each game requires varying levels of observation, problem solving, strategic thinking and chance. We are thinking afresh to bring people together around a table. 

From two board games in October 2015 to 50 exciting titles, sold across 550+ outlets in India today, Kaadoo encapsulates the love we have for nature. Our wide range of offerings include safari board games, strategy games, puzzles and card games.

Kaadoo -wildlife themed board games, card games,puzzles


Diinesh Kumble

Ganesh Subramaniam

Raviraj Joshi

With an abiding interest in nature and wildlife, Diinesh is one of India's renowned wildlife photographers. Over the last couple of decades he has authored several coffee table books that highlight wildlife in different parts of the world. He heads the new products conceptualisation, design and development activities at Kaadoo®.
A Chartered Accountant, Ganesh oversees business operations at Kaadoo®. A serial entrepreneur since 2001, Ganesh was a co-founder and Chief Executive of Medi Assist India Pvt Ltd., one of India's largest health insurance TPAs.

A painter and poet at heart, Ravi is a visual communicator. With close to 20 years experience, he has worked with top advertising agencies and clients across the globe. Ravi has many achievements under his belt like the ‘User Experience Champion 2012’ award from Microsoft. Apart from game conceptualisation, Ravi leads the creative team at Kaadoo®.