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Why parents should play indoor games with their children

Here’s a fact that will surprise you. It is believed that 21st century adults are ‘overly involved’ in the lives of their children, and thus leading to a loss of  opportunities for independent thinking and autonomy. Too much homework from school, overscheduling from parents and a sense of restriction in a child’s life can hamper his physical and mental health. However, the other side of this situation is that parents are hardly involved in the games their children play, both outdoor and indoor. It is an established fact that children crave for the attention of their parents and love to play with them. But should parents really play with their children?

Parents-children bonding

Much before technology started to become an essential part of our lives, parents and children often spent quality time at home but not many parents were involved in playing with the kids. Parents believed in just letting the child play with other children or by themselves. The current generation of parents is no different. Today there are a wide variety of gadgets and gizmos to keep children occupied and many parents are relying heavily on these devices. Experts say that this has to change and parents should spend time playing with their children, especially indoor games. So why exactly should parents play indoor games with kids?

Benefits of Parents playing indoor games with children

1. Improves parent-child bonding

When you play with your children, you build bonds that last a lifetime. You are on their team sometimes and you help each other out. Other times you are on opposite teams and still encourage the children to do their best to win the game. Either way, you are developing stronger bonds and rapport with your child.

2. Develop movement/motor and social skills

By playing games with children, adults/parents can help the former develop skill sets that make social life easy for them. Children also gain emotional intelligence and self control skills when playing indoor games with adults. Additionally, rolling the dice with your child or fitting the jigsaw puzzles or just playing an indoor game with your little ones can help them develop peer group leadership and cognitive skills too.

3. Active role model

When you play with your children, you demonstrate that family gaming never goes out of style. You show them that indoor games can be great fun! You also get to model various soft-skills such as team effort and sportsmanship. Remember your kids are watching you and will imitate you. Here’s your chance to be their active role model. 

4. Good for mental health

When you start playing with your kids you set on the path to mental activity and literacy. They are more likely to grow with better mental health and social skills. Children that play with their parents and family are assured of physical and mental health for a life time.

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