Koi Mujhe Junglee Kahe

  • •  Aug 27, 2020

Hi, hi, hi!!!

Contrary to what most of you may be thinking about me, I am a very well-informed person and I keep tabs on what is happening globally. Of late, I have been noticing that usage of particular terms like “black”, “African American”, “brown” etc. with reference to people is raising a lot of heckles. I am an apolitical being and therefore have no views on these polarizing topics. But I do have a view on the Indian word called “Junglee”. IMO, whoever thought being called a “Junglee” was an insult is wrong! I like being a junglee. It means that I’m wild and free and that I am from the jungle and I know everything there is to know about it. 

I also like to think that I’m smarter than most others, even and especially on a safari. I always challenge myself to find things that no one else will and spot an animal before anyone else does! But it’s because I know what to look for, and you can look for it too. There are always telltale signs about who’s lurking around, sounds that can only mean one thing, and calls from particular animals warning the rest of us Junglees!!! Want to know more, read on….

In my Nilgiris, everything follows an unspoken pattern. It’s the beautiful language of the (jungle) wild. Each one knows their place and what they need to do on a daily basis. We don’t meddle with other creatures except for food! When you come to the jungle you only get a very small peep from the top of your jeep and most often, you may see nothing at all and be really disappointed. Let me take the chance to get all philosophical and adult on you, and say that you will always find things if you open your eyes and ears to look and listen hard enough like for eg, at the floor of the forest is full of pugmarks, scat, bits of fur and whatnot telling stories of things that had passed through;

  1. a rustle in the leaves can mean a (tiger) big cat is walking silently by;
  2. the crisp cracking of branches nearby at times indicate the presence of an elephant or two, or maybe more!

The Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve is part of the Western Ghats of India and covers an area of 5520 sq. km, that’s over 7 times the size of Namma Bengaluru! Within it are stunning sanctuaries like Nagarhole, Mukurthi, Bandipur, Mudumalai, Wayanad, and Silent Valley. These protected areas hold some of the world’s rarest flora and fauna and a bunch of India’s endemic species like me, your favorite slender loris, the Nilgiri tahr, leaf monkey, martens, brown palm civet, the Great Indian pied hornbill, and lion-tailed macaques (LTM). This being said these animals are usually spotted only in particular areas, at particular times, so you need to set out on a serious mission to spot them. And remember to follow my golden rules listed earlier!

Along your bumpy ride in the forest, you are more likely to see herds of elephants, dhole packs, gaur, chittal, sambar, jungle fowl, and peacock. The luckier people stumble upon the leopard, the black panther, or the king of the Nilgiris jungle, the leave-you-breathless, Bengal Tiger. The sight of a tiger may leave you absolutely speechless, but the whole jungle comes alive with chaos and alarm calls warning of the predator’s whereabouts. The langurs sitting in their vantage points in the trees usually herald the king’s entry to the area by screeching and whooping, which alerts all the animals on the ground. That’s why you always see deer on high alert; their ears always twitching, gathering sounds and their heads bobbing up and down between mouthfuls of food.

Kaadoo’s Spots and Stripes edition of The Big Game takes this entire area and its commonly seen inhabitants and squishes them into one exciting board game for you. From the excitement of watching a tiger make a kill to the awe of watching a mother and her cubs, this safari can be as exciting as a lifetime of animal spotting safaris. What’s more, you will also learn a lot about how to behave while on a safari, the do’s and don’ts etc etc (Link to it HTP video of SS)

Appetite whetted?? Can’t wait to get your hands on a copy of the game?? Check it out here: https://www.kaadoo.in/product/kaadoo-the-classic-big-game-to-explore-nilgiri-biosphere-knowledge-building-educational-adventure-safari-board-game-for-kids-6-and-family-proudly-made-in-india

Kaadoo Paapa

P.S. Prepare to be surprised by my article next week. Till then, ta da and happy gaming!!!

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