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Is year 2019 the Year Of Forest Fires?

Not necessarily...

According to media reports, there have been more than 80,000 Amazon fires in 2019 alone, that destroyed an area of approx. 45,000 sq. km. That is an area the size of about 4,500 FIFA football fields! But, this is still not the worst year for forest fires globally, according to data available.  So, what gives?

Is the world fascinated by wild fires? Rather, is it alarmed by them? It is a combination of both. However, there is much more public outcry about the same, especially towards governments that seem not worried at all or who refuse to take suitable action. There is growing unhappiness across the world about the rate at which forests are getting burnt down for commercial exploitation. 

The space of forests is alien to most of us, unless one has been into forests on and off for wildlife-spotting, adventure, photography or just in the course of one's work. The topography is difficult, supplies are limited and to add to the woes, one has to worry about being attacked by wild animals. Now one can imagine how tough it would be to fight a wild fire. But, that is exactly what the team of forest rangers led by Kutty has on its hands. And the fires are not natural, but the handiwork of the dreaded, mischievous Kirik Veera! 

Veera can reach any part of the forest faster than anyone else, faster than even the well-trained Kutty and his buddies. And he goes about setting fire to patch after patch, leaving Kutty's team exhausted, frustrated. They fight back with vigor, equipped as they are with fire tenders, jeeps and even helicopters that can dump water on the fires. But, victory is still far off for Kutty's team as long as Veera roams free. They must catch him live or be ready to stand up to him. There are hardly any options before them! Kaadoo Night Fire cooperative strategy board game

Presenting  THE NIGHT FIRE board game from Kaadoo, where we have crystallised this theatre of action in the wilds into a 48 cm x 48 cm game board - almost thrice the size of a medium-sized Domino's Pizza. There are plenty of props and clear rules to go by. It is the lone Veera pitted against a team of 3 rangers, led by Kutty. As rangers, you need to plan and act quickly, as Veera goes about his antics. Can you and mates work together and get the better of Veera?

Get ready for action. NIGHT FIRE - now available online exclusively on Kaadoo Online Store. 15% off MRP. Early Bird offer. HURRY!


To learn more about the major fires raging across the world now and the history of fires, check out Global Forest Watch

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