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  • •  Sep 03, 2020

Hello everyone!!

Finally, finally, after almost half a year of lockdowns and WFH, all of us (yes, me included) have something to really look forward to!! The 19th of September is the scheduled start of IPL 2020 and I can’t wait to see my favorite cricket tournament kick-off (or should it be “bowl off”)!! It’s quite possible that most of you will be wondering what a wild slender loris like me can possibly know about cricket and the IPL. But believe me, I have picked up quite a bit of knowledge about this wonderful sport lurking around the edges of Masinagudi and watching cricket on the telly in the nights and exchanging Whatsapp messages with my cousins living closer to Bengaluru.

Now, the fact of the matter is that I am a celebrity. After all, I am the mascot of one of India’s leading tabletop games brands, Kaadoo, my cute mug is plastered on all their product packaging, I have my own blog etc etc. Yet, despite all this fame and fandom, I simply adore, love and worship MSD. I go all mushy and fan eyed when I see him on TV, playing for either India or the Chennai Super Kings in the IPL. If, like me, you’re still teary-eyed about MSD retiring from international cricket, you can wipe it away for 2 months as he’ll put on his yellow canary jersey and transform into the superman he is and always be for his adoring fans. He will be joined by 7 more captains and many, many great players to bring back some fun, joy and much needed entertainment to millions around the world!!

Unlike a lot of his fans, I admire and adore MSD more for his wicket keeping than for his batting. Truth be told, there have been several attacking batsmen in the past and there will be more in the future. But it is MSD’s wicket keeping skills (especially those magical stumpings off the spinners) that will stand the test of time. The sheer improbability of some of his stumpings hit me when I read this article by Bharat Sundaresan. MSD is indeed “Pythagoras in Gloves” (wish I had come up with this). I do really feel for the other Indian wicket keepers whose careers coincided with MSD’s. I sure wouldn’t want to be in Dinesh Kaarthik’s or Parthiv Patel’s shoes (or gloves, hehe). Big fan that I am, I still have to admit, however grudgingly, that Wriddhi has done a stellar job of replacing MSD in the India test team (see see, for all my adoration, I am a very fair being)

 All this is not to take anything away from his batting and uber cool temperament while chasing totals. In my free time, I have been watching old cricket footage on YouTube and I have not “seen” anyone this cool while chasing (granted, there was an Aussie called Michael Bevan who hardly seemed to break a sweat while chasing) .Of course, King Kohli gets the job done more often than not, but he seems so “excited” doing it, whereas Captain Cool is so nonchalant about it. He almost seems sorry for the bowling team whilst going about his mundane chore!!! How cool is that!

Allow me to let you guys in on a well-kept secret. It was me who advised the people in Kaadoo to develop cricket-themed games in association with Chennai Super Kings and my motivation for doing so was straightforward (but a little selfish !!). A chance to meet MSD!! Sadly, that chance has not yet come but now that MSD has retired from international cricket, I am very hopeful that he will have a lot more time in his hands for meeting other celebs like me!!!! I am quite looking forward to the future.

Fun and joy, by the way, have always been synonymous with the Kaadoo range of tabletop games. But seriously, have you tried Kaadoo’s ridiculously cool cricket games? If you haven’t yet, you should. Check out these links:

So, while you count down the days to September 19th, go ahead and buy a few of the Kaadoo CSK games. The card games are simple and fun to play with friends and family. There’s also an ultra-cool game called, quite aptly, “6” and this is a tribute to MSD’s god-like ability to hit 6s almost at will and like MSD on the cricket field, all of you will need to put on your thinking caps while playing this game. Take it from me, it is a thinking person’s game and you will pretty much get hooked to it!!!

Oh God, I can’t wait for September 19th!!!

As always, feel free to leave your comments and emails. Ciao!!!

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