A Peep into Our Bio-Diversity

  • •  Aug 06, 2020

Hello, hello, hello. I am Kaadoo Paapa and here is a very brief self-introduction: 

I am a Slender Loris and usually, you can find me or my cousins in tropical forests around the world. But since I am “nocturnal” you will have to try really hard to spot me !!!. Just so you know, I am a very shy and harmless creature.  Unfortunately, over time,  for a variety of reasons, me and my cousins have become an “endangered species” and I need your help and support in continuing to be a part of our beautiful planet. I am sure all of you will understand and help us out here. 

A few years back, I was adopted by the kind people of Kaadoo (they make these wonderful board games for kids and families to play). They have taken care of me lovingly and I am returning their favor by writing these articles on wildlife, conservation and related topics. I hope you enjoy reading them.  

Given that loss of habitat is a prime reason for me becoming an endangered specie, I thought my first article will be on bio-diversity and its importance for all of us on the planet. 

May 22nd was declared International Day of Biological Diversity by the United Nations with the objective of creating awareness and interest in the delicate ecosystems that thrive in our universe without us even knowing it. As a definition, biodiversity refers to the existence of many different kinds of plants and animals in an environment. Wait, did you even understand what all that really meant? A forest is an ecosystem where animals and plants exist, the animals need the plants to survive, the plants need rain to survive, the forest floor acts as a catchment area for water, and trees prevent soil erosion… I can keep going on…

I collected some facts from the UN website to get your wheels turning in the right direction (hopefully):

  • Forests cover 30% of the Earth’s surface and are home to more than 80% of all terrestrial species of animals, plants, and insects.
  • Thirteen million hectares of forests are being lost every year.
  • Micro-organisms and invertebrates are key to ecosystem services.
  • Around 1.6 billion people depend on forests for their livelihood.

That’s why I think it’s important we take a day off to take a peek into the whole biodiversity concept and what it means to us.

The Nilgiris forests in the Western Ghats of India, are a huge biodiversity hotspot, and it’s where I, your Kaadoo Paapa, a slender loris with dollops of attitude, hail from. I’m a nocturnal tree-dwelling jungle junkie viewing the world from a different perspective with my beautiful large eyes that see all and know all. My dexterous and elusive nature makes me hard to spot but people still seem to like me a lot because they believe I have magical and medicinal powers. Well, I’d rather share those secrets with you. I may be a paapa, but as I said before, sometimes the quietest people can be the smartest and most clever thinkers. And not all small creatures are necessarily weak.

In my forests, the tiger is the most loved and treasured animal (after me), and it’s not only because of his drop dead gorgeous looks. Tigers are on top of the food chain (that I won’t argue with) and regulate the population of herbivores, like those tick-filled deer, who gorge on the limited vegetation in my forest! This vegetation requires a lot of water to grow. This water comes from rain, so, the less rain we have, the less water there is for plant and animal life to survive. In periods of drought, many animals go hungry and die of starvation and can become food for other animals.

It’s a circle of life. Everything that happens in the natural world is determined by a particular process having taken place successfully and at the right time. Think about this. That bee you just swatted may very well have helped in the production of the juicy apple you ate for breakfast! Bees pollinate over 400 of the world’s agricultural plants, and without them, we may all go very hungry. And so will the farm animals that feed off some of the plants they pollinate.

I think I’ve given you more than enough food for thought today, but join me over the next few weeks as I bring you more juicy treats and kaadoo lore. Who knows, I may even introduce you to all my friends and cousins from across the world through my series, “Kaadoo Tantra.” I only hope your eyes light up like mine and your imagination is kick-started, pushing you towards a more meaningful future. I think it’s time you came to the wild side. See you next week!



P.S. If you want to know how I look, buy any Kaadoo product and you will see me on the box !!!

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