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On this Gandhi Jayanthi day, Kaadoo is pleased to launch the first edition of the environment-focused quiz program, Kaadoo Kwizz, mainly for students of class/grade 5 to 8. . Teams must be of two students each. Although there is no restriction on the number of teams from an school, only two teams from the same school will be allowed to participate in the final of the quiz. 

 The School Quiz  round takes place in the forenoon on Oct 2nd, 2018 (Tuesday). We also have a separate Open House in the afternoon for the general public, in teams of two.

Signing up

By email: with the subject line: Kaadoo Kwizz 2018 sign up, with the participants’ name, age,contact number, class/division in the case of students  and the details of the contact person, in the case of schools.

Online:  and fill in this Entry Form

email if you have any queries or want to associate with us in the program


Program Facts

Venue: Institute of Agricultural Technologists (IAT), Queens Road, Vasanth Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560051


School Quiz round    : 9.30 Hrs - 12.30 Hrs. Reporting time: 8.30 Hrs-9.30 Hrs. Spot sign-ups open during 8.30 Hrs - 9.30 Hrs

Open Category round: 14.30 Hrs-17.30 Hrs. Spot sign-ups open during 1.30 PM-2.30 PM

Rules and Regulations

  1. Members of student  teams  must be from the same school.

  2. A  team can be formed by students from different classes/grades (E.g. A student from grade 6 and a student from grade 8 can participate as a team)

  3. Participants must bring pens/pencils; paper will be provided. Writing pads or supplies are not provided

  4. The quiz will cover general topics related to wildlife and requires no specific preparatory effort. Questions will cover topics including, but not limited to Wildlife and Nature, plants, animals, birds, ecology, environment conservation, and much more.

  5. All participants must reach the venue in time for signing up.

  6. A common written preliminary round for all school teams will be held to select 8 teams for the finals. However, only two teams from the same school will be allowed to participate in the final of the quiz.

  7. Answer sheets of the preliminary round will be evaluated by the organizing team and requests for checking the same by participants/accompanying adults will not be entertained.

  8. The finals, held on the same day following the preliminary round, will be on-stage and have a combination of written and oral questions; various rounds in the finals will have different rules and scoring systems, which will be explained during the quiz.

  9. A bonafide certificate from the school/college OR ID Card is a must for all student participants. 

  10. Prizes will be awarded to the TOP 3 TEAMS teams in the quiz.

  11. In all cases, the decisions of the organizers on all administrative matters, and the decisions of the quizmaster on all quiz-related matters will be final and binding on all participants

  12. Our esteemed guests and participants are requested to avoid taking pictures or videos of the event on their mobile phones or cameras, for an orderly conduct of the event. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated. Event photos and videos will be posted on Kaadoo's Facebook page @kaadoogames


  1. Can I participate with a friend from a different school?

Ans: Sorry, its an inter-school competition. Both team members must be from the same school.

  1. Can I take part alone, without a partner?

Ans: Yes, you certainly can. However, our recommendation is for you to participate along with a teammate.

  1. Can I team-up with my friend from a different grade?

Ans: Yes, you can team up with anyone from grades 5-8 from your school.

  1. Any recommended books or websites to prepare for this quiz?

Ans: There are no books or websites recommended particularly for this quiz. No special preparation is needed. Just brush up your knowledge of nature and wildlife.

  1. Is it mandatory for me to wear school uniform to participate in the quiz?

Ans: Absolutely not. You can wear any dress that you are comfortable in.

  1. Will there be any refreshments provided at the venue?

Ans: Quiz participants will be provided with refreshments during the session that they are participating in.

  1. Can I bring my own lunch or snack box?

Ans: Participants and accompaying persons may please make own arrangements for their food. However, make sure that you eat only during the break and you keep the premises clean.

  1. I am not sure of my schedule on the day of the quiz. Can I register on the spot?

Ans: Yes, you can register for the quiz on the spot. Please make sure to be present at the venue by the reporting time.

  1. Should a school representative accompany the child compulsorily?

Ans: No, it is not necessary for the school coordinator or representative to accompany the teams from their school. Any parent or guardian can accompany the child to the venue.

  1. Is it compulsory for registrations to be done by the school?

Ans: It is not necessary for the school authorities to register all the participants from their school. Students can register on their own.

  1. Is  a school ID card or school letter a must for student participants?

Ans: Yes. 

12. How many teams from a school can participate?

Ans: There is no limit for the number of teams from a school. We would love to see as many teams as possible from your school. However, please note that only two teams from the same school will be allowed to participate in the final of the quiz.

  1. Will participation certificates be given to all the participants?

Ans: Yes. Participants must collect the certificates at the venue itself

  1. You have mentioned the start time of the quiz as 0930 hrs, can I come in anytime post 0930 hrs to take part in the quiz?

Ans: Although there are no extra points for punctuality but we would appreciate you coming on time. Any questions you would have missed by virtue of coming late will be a missed opportunity. Please note: Questions will not be repeated for late comers.

15. What time will the Quiz program end?

Ans: The School Quiz session is expected to end by 12:30 Hrs and the Open Category session by 17:30 Hrs