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Kaadoo-Oceanic Wonder Board Game

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The oceans have their own Lions and Tigers too !


The oceans have their own Lions and Tigers too !

The Puffer Fish or the Globe Fish can be called the ‘chameleon of the ocean’, as it can change colors and patterns quickly! The Archer Fish, a marksman, shoots water from its mouth to catch land-based insects and small prey. Australians call marine [saltwater] crocodiles ‘salties’- the largest reptiles,  that are also man-eaters.  We still know only 5% about the oceans and so explore with Kaadoo - your Scuba Safari-on-the-go!

Collect points and be the winner. Meet the Black Seadevil, a fish whose males have no teeth, and earn 20 points! Keep adding up the points - it even helps your Math scores! An eco-warrior in the making? This game is for you !

Who would you meet first?

Age group: 6+


  1. Points-based game, with higher points for difficult-to-find creatures

  2. Up to four players

  3. Chance to overtake your safari mates, pick their cards or even swap your hand with theirs!

  4. Stay disciplined or else, miss turns

  5. Bonus card picks

  6. Bonus dice throws too!

  7. Play a few times and develop your own tactics to be the winner

  8. Every game ends differently: no boredom!

  9. Learn more about the animals from books, wikipedia and other sources on the web.

Awards: None

Packaging: Stunningly illustrated paper box 31x33x6 cm


  1. A game board almost as big as 30 tiger pugmarks !

  2. Get your own safari jeep in green, yellow, blue or red

  3. One dice that starts your safari and guides you through the jungle

  4. 100 game cards, 40+ wild animals, birds, reptiles

  5. Play guide introduces you to the board,  different types of cards and game rules

Box weight: 900 gms

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